Graduate Ecology Discussion Group

newtsMeetings are held every other Friday at 3:30 pm
at the New Greenhouse on North street

Graduate Ecology Discussion Group (Previously Ecology, Evolution and behavior -EEB) is an informal group designed for exchange of ideas between students and faculty, through the presentation of hypothesis driven research, discussion, and good company. We are broadly defining ecology to include behavior, evolution, conservation, physiology etc. All students (undergraduate & graduate) and faculty are welcome. Contact Dr. Caitlin Gabor if you have any questions.

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Spring 2018

Day Date Leader TOPIC Reading Assignment
Friday 23 Jan Caitlin or whoever Organizational
Friday 9 Feb  skip
Friday 23 Feb  Biology Colloquium
Friday 2 Mar Krystie Miner, Arseniy Kolonin
Friday 23 March  Cory Goff  manuscript
Friday 6 April  Robert Busbee  MS thesis
Friday 20 April

Fall 2017

Day Date Leader TOPIC Reading Assignment
Friday 8 Sept Caitlin Organizational


Ceballos et al. 2017
Friday 22 Sept  Tim Bonner  Species fragmentation in River basins
Friday 6 Oct  Jim Ott  Wolbachia diversity on Oaks
Friday 20 Oct  Emily Javan
Friday 3 Nov  McKenna Bristow  
Friday 17 Nov  Amanda Driscoe
Friday 1 Dec  Noland Martin

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